Increase Clarity & Confidence - Define Your Purpose

This 7-week self-study program contains audio and video instruction plus thought-provoking reflections which will change how you show up in life and work. The ROI can be unlimited!

  • Let go of things which you've been holding onto for years. Once we remove the clutter we can see clearly.

  • Understand how limiting beliefs hold you back and develop a plan to kick those to the curb, forever!

  • Connect with your top core values and begin using them as the foundation for all you do in life.

  • Get clear on your purpose in life and start to live it. This brings you confidence, clarity, peace and joy.

  • This course provides a new way for Type A's. It's an invitation to slow down and connect with you.

Ask Yourself These Questions

Have You

  • Found your plan A changed at work or with a relationship? 
  • Repeated unsatisfying patterns in relationships and work?
  • Felt guilty for success and moving ahead?
  • Been blindly living life as a human doing vs human being?
  • Feared what if scenarios…that never happen, but still stop you from taking action?

Are You

  • Asking what’s next in your career, business, life or love?
  • Dimming your light because of limiting beliefs? 
  • Wondering how you got so far off course and also confused as to what the course is? 
  • Ready to step into the biggest and brightest version of you?

If you answered yes to any one of the above questions you're ready to Create Your Plan BE 

"This course got me thinking about things I hadn't thought about for years. It stimulated my mind and I now have a new path aligned with my values and passions." Diane S.


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Meet Your Guide

Create Your Plan Be

Client Testimonial

Powerful Reflections & Learning

"Plan Be has helped me because it is a series of steps to follow to approach many of life's situations with a new perspective. I'm getting to know myself better in the process. In this course I listen to Scott and his life experiences which he loves to share with us to provoke improvement in our lives. What has stayed with me the most are the reflections, because I get to answer questions that I haven't thought about before. This course has also helped me identify my personality type as well as my values, passions, and goals." Carlos L.

The Time is Now!

With all the change you've been experiencing, the time has never been better to expand your inner power. Through this program, you will find the answer to the question, "what's next?", become clearer on what's important and create a foundation for success going forward.

Create Your Plan BE Course

7 Weeks to a New You

  • 1

    Welcome & Defining Success

    • Welcome to Create Your Plan Be

    • Tips for Success

    • Defining Your Success

  • 2

    Module 1 - Preparing for Takeoff

    • Setting Your Course & Inner Game

    • [Exercise ] Where Are You Now?

    • [Exercise] Module 1 Reflection

  • 3

    Module 2 - Clearing the Clutter

    • Lightening Your Load

    • Releasing Tolerations

    • [ Exercise ] Clearing Your Space and Mind

    • Letting Go of What Doesn't Serve Us

    • [Exercise ] Letting Go

    • [Exercise] Module 2 Reflection

  • 4

    Module 3 - Living Your Core Values

    • The Importance of Values

    • [ Exercise ] Get to Know Your Top Core Values

    • [Exercise] Module 3 Reflection

    • [Exercise ] Creating Your Values Tree

  • 5

    Module 4 - Connecting with Your Passions & Interests

    • The Inner Light of Passions

    • Connecting You with You

    • [Exercise] Connecting You with You

    • [Exercise] Module 4 Reflection

    • Mid course review

  • 6

    Module 5 - Overcoming Fear

    • Understanding What F.E.A.R Is

    • Gremlins in Our Mind

    • A Real-Life Story of Facing Fear

    • Visiting Fear

    • [Exercise] Module 5 Reflection

  • 7

    Module 6 - The Power of Love

    • Understanding the Power of Our Heart

    • Leveraging the Heart in Decision Making

    • Visiting Love

    • The Power of Forgivness

    • [Exercise] The Power of Forgiveness

    • [Exercise] Module 6 Reflection

  • 8

    Module 7- Arriving At Your Plan Be

    • Taking Inspired Action

    • Keep it Fun!

    • An Attitude of Fun - Sharing My Success

    • [Sample] Reflection & Plan Be

    • [Exercise] Module 7 Reflection & Your Plan Be

  • 9

    Module 8 - Going Forward with Confidence

    • A Review of Achieving Harmony by Balancing the Head & Heart

    • My Top 5 Tips to Maintain High Energy on Your Plan Be

    • Living with No Regrets

    • Going Forward with the Three P's

    • [Exercise} Self Care Wheel

  • 10

    Bonus Meditation & Final Course Review

    • Spot it You've Got it!

    • Meditation - I Am Light Activation

    • Additional Resources & Course Credits

    • Final course review

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Awaken Passions, Define Purpose and Create the Plan

Valued at $497 Now only $197

Supported Option: Includes 3, 50-minute coaching sessions for $697.00 (email to purchase).

Your Plan Be Guide

Scott Masciarelli

Scott Masciarelli, MCC, BCC is a Master Certified Leadership & Career Coach with business experience in the United States, Latin America, and Middle East. Scott has guided hundreds of clients on how to create and sustain success on their terms by showing them how to align their strengths with their most authentic selves. Scott designed Create Your Plan BE, to help people connect with the essence of their being and expand their inner power. His coaching style helps people relax into the experience and connect with the essential reason they are here. Client's report that they feel more in-control, relaxed, confident and able to answer the question, "what's next" with ease.


  • Who is this course for?

    Create Your Plan Be is for anyone who can answer yes to any of the above questions. It's for all of us to connect deeper with ourselves at this time where change and upheaval seems to be the norm. Now is the time to step into your true power. This makes you unstoppable!

  • How did this course come about?

    This creation comes after 10 years of working with my coaching clients. I began to notice many of the common themes among them. I also looked at my own life and the more I implemented each of these steps into my life: from clearing mental and physical space to living my core values to focusing more on connecting with my heart and listening to my inner knowing, my life improved dramatically and continues to improve.

  • How long do I have to complete the course.

    Your access to Create Your Plan Be is for 180 days. The modules are delivered over 7 weeks. Some weeks there will be two modules, and other weeks only one module due to the topic and reflection opportunity. In a world where so much happens in seconds, at the speed of an app, these seven weeks will be a welcome opportunity to relax and slow down. Give yourself this gift.

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Valued at $497 Now only $197

Supported Option: Includes 3, 50-minute coaching sessions for $697.00 (email to purchase).